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  1. Which brand of shredder is better?
  2. Then which brand of shredder is better?
  3. Why was GEP Ecotech chosen as the shredder brand?

Which brand of shredder is better?

  • With the support and promotion of a series of policies, the solid waste disposal rate has been greatly increased.
  • However, as an important piece of equipment for solid waste treatment, the mill is generally short of qualified manufacturers.
  • Improper selection of pulverizer will seriously affect the efficiency of the whole solid waste treatment line.

Then which brand of shredder is better?

  • This article will focus on the popular shredder brand GEP Ecotech for your reference!
  • GEP Ecotech recommended shredder models.
  • GE single-shaft fine shredder
  • GD double-shaft shearing type shredder
  • GF four-shaft shredder
  • GP Primary shredder
  • GW mobile solid waste shredder

Why was GEP Ecotech chosen as the shredder brand?

GEP Ecotech, founded in 2007, is a professional design and manufacture of one axis, two-axis, four-axis solid waste crusher dust, intelligent monitoring, and control system and intelligent control system of a large industrial group, can meet the bulk of garbage, industrial hazardous waste, living garbage, organic waste, waste tires, biomass, disposal of medical waste, plastic and other diversified demand.
  •  High-quality tools and advanced processing technology.
The main components of GEP Ecotech intelligent solid waste crushing equipment are made of the highest quality high wear-resistant alloy steel. The key vulnerable parts are directly used for high-quality alloy forgings with stable chemical composition. In addition, the tool of GEP Ecotech crushing equipment is processed by a high-precision machine after heat treatment with advanced heat treatment equipment. High-quality raw materials and advanced processing technology ensure the durability of tools and other accessories.
  • Strong processing power:
Currently, GEP Ecotech domestic factories have 1 m, 2 m, 3 m, 6 m, 11 m CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, precision milling machine, drilling machine, precision grinding machine, laser cutting machine, complete processing equipment, the main processing equipment more than 100 sets (set), can complete all parts production and processing, advanced heat treatment technology, to high precision grinder processing and batch production provides guarantee!
  • Certification by the competent authority.
In order to further promote GEP Ecotech into a standardized, standardized, and scientific modern enterprise management track, GEP Ecotech has successfully passed a series of authoritative certifications such as CE and ISO certification. This marks the company's quality management system that has been recognized by international standards and demonstrates GEP Ecotech's determination to improve product quality and management system. GEP Ecotech is gradually realizing intelligent enterprise, internationalized brand, and high-end quality, showing the powerful strength of Chinese manufacturing to the world. In the future, GEP will continue to uphold the spirit of ingenuity, focus, perseverance, to tailor the ideal pulverizer equipment for customers!    
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