Powerful e-waste recycling shredder machine Disposal process and instructions


  1. Electronic waste
  2. Small electronic home appliances and IT products
  3. The refrigerator
  4. Printed circuit board
  5. Now, do you need a shredder to recycle e-waste?
  6. GEP E-Waste Intelligent grinder Features:
E-waste generally refers to used refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, televisions, mobile phones, computers, hard disks, CDS, and so on. After professional processing, it can be used to sort out copper, aluminium, plastics, rare precious metals, and other renewable resources from e-waste, which is of great economic value. Application

Electronic waste

downstream separation technology is used to classify chopped and processed electronic waste into various components to recover valuable recyclable parts. Our electronic waste crusher is the first choice for fine and low particle electronic waste.

Small electronic home appliances and IT products

The old equipment is processed in various chopping and separating stages, resulting in saleable fractions. Recycle old PCS and broken home equipment. Our e-waste shredders are reliable and, most importantly, cost-effective.

The refrigerator

Leading factory manufacturers in refrigerator recycling trust our reliable shredders. Our rotary shears are used for crushing cooling devices. The RUGgedness, low speed, low maintenance cost and compact design of the GEP shredder are convincing.

Printed circuit board

Printed circuit boards and computer chips often contain large amounts of precious metals. These valuable precious metals can be recovered by shredding, sorting and smelting. The UNTHA circuit board shredder's rugged construction and deficient dust production set the industry standard for e-waste recycling.

Now, do you need a shredder to recycle e-waste?

GEP electronic waste intelligent grinder through grinding, separation, sorting, dust removal, and another intelligent process, to achieve the automatic separation of electronic waste. Not only achieved effective shredding but also greatly improved the efficiency of subsequent resource reuse operations. It has become the current market of widely acclaimed electronic waste shredder.  shredder to recycle e-waste

GEP E-Waste Intelligent grinder Features:

1. Integral knife box. To a large extent, it ensures high mechanical strength and machining accuracy, prolongs the equipment's service life, and saves operating costs. 2. Intelligent technology. GEP adopts GEP intelligent patent technology to realise automatic lubrication, intelligent detection, and abnormal alarm, design the intelligent protection system for unbreakable objects, reduce the failure rate, and ensure the equipment's long-term healthy operation and reduce the labour and operation costs. 3. Imported cutting tool materials from Europe. The cutting tools' raw materials are processed by imported special technology, with long service life and good interchangeability. 4. High strength spindle. The spindle is made of special material, through repeated heat treatment and high-precision processing, high mechanical strength, strong fatigue and impact resistance, long service life. 5. Unique anti-loose technology. Through independent research and development, adopting unique anti-loose technology, the hidden trouble caused by loose bolts is effectively avoided. 6. Independent, removable fixed knife technology. Each fixed knife can be disassembled and assembled independently, which can be disassembled quickly in a short time, greatly reducing the downtime and improving the continuity of production. Suppose you have any questions about the e-waste shredder and shredding system such as used refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, TV, mobile phone, computer, hard disk, CD, etc. GEP Ecotech in time for related product information and professional project quotation!  shredder to recycle e-waste

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